Lulei , Sanja
Autor:in Sanja Lulei, Doppelgewebe für Lichtobjekt, Merinowolle/Baumwolle, 2022
Autor:in Sanja Lulei, Lichtobjekt, Merinowolle/Baumwolle/Alurahmen, 2022
Autor:in Sanja Lulei, Kissenobjekte, Merinowolle/Baumwolle, 2023
Manipulating textile surfaces and breaking through traditional boundaries of weaving techniques form the basis for hand-woven unique pieces. At the interface between art,
design and hand weaving, with a focus on individual well-being, textiles are created to feel, see and smell - textiles that we experience with our senses. Modern aesthetics are combined with an atmospheric ambience and natural cosiness.
The exciting interplay of light and textiles plays just as important a role as the sustainable creations made of flat, folded or tubular fabrics.