Köhn , Jil
Jil Köhn, Akmen, Diomant, Ultramarinasche, Gold, 2022. Credit: © Jil Köhn
Jil Köhn, Nepos, Diomant, Glimmer, etruskischer Sand, Silber, Beschichtung, 2023. Credit: © Jil Köhn
Jil Köhn, Kalnu, Diomant, Ultramarinasche, 2022. Credit: © Jil Köhn
In the context of her design, Jil Köhn addresses the importance of fantasy based on the exploration of imaginary places and the questioning of reality(ies). Inspired by dreams and nature, she uses found objects such as branches, stones and crystals to model compositions that have an earthly and at the same time supernatural appearance. The result is objects of bizarre beauty that seem to spring from the nature of another world. Artefacts of distant worlds as jewels of special moments - a homage to nature and an appeal to dreaming.