Wilhelm , Christiane
Christiane Wilhelm, SOLIFLORE, Steinzeug, div.Engoben, 21cmx43cmx21cm, 2024
Christiane Wilhelm, SMALL CORAL´S HOME, Steinzeug, div.Engoben, 20,5cmx15cmx20,5cm, 2024
Christiane Wilhelm, FLOATING LANDSCAPE, Steinzeug, div.Engoben,33cmx50cmx33cm, 2023
Christiane Wilhelm has dedicated herself to the development of aesthetically sophisticated vessels. They are clearly contoured in form and characterized by a subtle surface design. She also has a sensitive feel for colors and color contrasts. The functional character does not impose itself on her vessel objects; instead, they captivate with a noble material effect. While rich colors used to dominate Wilhelm's works, they now tend to be in delicate pastel shades, sometimes combined with silver.