Piccardi , Yoann
Piccardi Yoann, Lost Drop, moulded, dyed cellulose, 150x75x150cm, 2023.
Piccardi Yoann, Particles, moulded, dyed and painted cellulose, variable dimensions, 2023.
Piccardi Yoann, Ouroboros, moulded, dyed and painted cellulose, 40x40x15cm, 2023.
Driven by a utopian desire to change the habits of our capitalist societies, Yoann Piccardi has developed ‚EggwaveWorkset‘: a cottage industry for reusing egg cartons.
Aiming to ensure that as many people as possible can take ownership of his work (under a Creative Commons licence), he is seeking to develop the infinite possibilities offered by the initiative, in order to inspire creative, ecological and social desires in everyone.
To do this, he creates pieces that are both poetic and intelligent, in the hope of touching souls and making people think about today and tomorrow.