Yun & Lee , Hyojung & Jinhwi
Hyojung Yun, Harmonie, Porzellan, 100 x 18 x 13cm, 2024
Hyojung Yun, Echos der blauen und weißen Wellen, Porzellan, 130 x 20 x 18cm, 2024
Jinhwi Lee, Reflexion A07, Steinzeug, 27 x 27 x 3,5cm, 2024
Hyojung Yun is constantly trying to develop new properties of glazes by working experimentally and adding new materials or material composites. They combine stability and lightness.
Jinhwi Lee has developed a unique technique. For his objects and product goods, he experiments not only with liquid glaze, but also with dried or sprayed glazes in the form of glaze pieces.