Müller , Gina Nadine
Gina Nadine Müller, Objekt, Rosa Opal, 11cm*9cm*4cm, 2019
Gina Nadine Müller, Ohrringe, Muschel, 935/000 Silber, Epoxidharz, 20mm*15mm*10mm, 2019
Gina Nadine Müller, Halsschmuck, Meeresschneckenhaus, Epoxidharz, Leder, 935/000 Silber, 12,5cm*9cm*3,7cm, 2021
The human body and the examination of corporeality are central themes in my work. What happens when I take a piece of jewellery in my hand and bring it together with my body, wear it? Is there a change in the way I feel about my body?
Jewellery can invite interaction or demand a distance. A tension arises between a desire to touch and a simultaneous inhibition before the private space of another. How do I behave? How do others react to me? I would like to encourage people to reflect on and question existing expectations of their own bodies and the bodies of others.