Leenders , Anthony
Kairos - sand powered time measuring instrument for the moment
Morpheus - light breathing entity
Tami - stool
As a designer/artist my work flirts with the edges between sculpture and furniture. I've always had a close relation with objects as I recognize them as living entities rather than just composed matter. I believe objects have the ability to guide our perception, to form bridges and to influence our behavior in the way we act with the material and immaterial world. Creating my objects by hand helps me to understand more about these worlds because of the slow and repetitive processes.
In my work I pursue an holistic approach of living by creating stimulating landscapes of interactive and narrative objects. You may perceive them as living instruments, tools or characters that help us reconnect with multiple layers of existence. In essence my practice is an ongoing pragmatic research towards a more down-to-earth and harmonious way of living that helps us find balance with the natural landscape. The whole of my work serves as navigator to maintain this philosophy and help us redefine our role in this wonderful organism we find ourselves part of.