Sometimes I just observe. I like to do that very much. People, animals, - the growth of plants. Natural phenomena fascinate me. It is their mystery that excites me.
Making jewellery means promise to me. It is the promise of finding something. The fulfilment of a childlike longing.
I go in search of the images from my experience. There are the landscapes once travelled, contradictory dogs, last summer's swallows - and now - the indescribable fur of rabbits.
Driven by the desire to discover something in them, I surrender to these phenomena. I want to experience them and capture what I have experienced - to pass it on to the viewer.
My pieces of jewellery are very rare treasures!
They are salvaged wonders.
Awards that are surrounded by a glimmer of the glamour and glory of days long gone.
They are the precious mementos of a long and arduous process that takes me through unruly material as well as hope and failure, sweaty physical effort and concentration.