Hennemann , Kathleen
Was immer es auch war
For 16 years, concrete has been an integral part of my work. It has a fundamental statement for me in relation to the definition of value. Concrete has a clear formal language and in combination with other materials commonly used in jewellery it opens up its own way of dealing with things. The plastic components used in these works also have their own formal language, but their statement is oppressive. I have a deep admiration for the sea and its incredible inhabitants, but wherever I have been on my travels, I have encountered plastic on the coasts (not only in recent years) - sometimes in irritating combination with marine life. From many places I brought back plastic remains formed by the sea. On the one hand rubbish, on the other interesting shape and colour. The negative consequences of pollution are clear to us all. Now what we wanted to get rid of returns to us in my pieces.