Kovats , Nora
Conscious Garden
Closed Red Garden: Fear Sifter
Poeletjie II
With her creations, Nora Kovats creates a window into a botanical realm of fantasy in which filigree structures and expressive colours are woven into a very unique formal language. In the process, the boundaries between the animal and plant worlds, between land and underwater scenes become blurred. Her experience of the world is condensed in her Otherworlds; it is deposited layer by layer as narrative fragments, sifted, collected and distilled.
In the process, she has discovered enamelling as an ideal design technique for herself: born out of fire, the fired colours and textures are often unpredictable and unique. Every single piece of jewellery or object becomes unique. Although the creative process can be controlled, there remains an element of chance that lends the designs something playful and magical.