Zapletal , Svato
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Svato Verlag - artists' books and prints.
As a graphic artist in my own publishing house Svato Verlag, I publish books with original graphics as well as graphic editions and broadsides. The selection of the texts, the design and the graphics as well as the printing are all done by me. The texts focus on modern prose and poetry - e.g. Arno Schmidt, Václav Havel, Peter Rühmkorf, Rainer Maria Rilke, Erik Satie, Heinrich v. Kleist, H. M. Enzensberger, Michael Köhlmeier and others - as well as German expressionist poetry, e.g. Georg Heym, Gottfried Benn or Klabund.
I use traditional printing techniques. The texts set in lead are original prints, as are all the graphics. Texts and graphics (mostly multi-coloured linocut or woodcut) are always printed by hand on a proof press. The books are carefully and elaborately bound by hand and are always published in small editions. To date, 79 books have been published.
A comprehensive general catalogue was published at the end of 2016: