Wilhelm , Christiane
Christiane Wilhelm, ISLES-ISLES, Steinzeug, Höhe 52 cm, 2022
Christiane Wilhelm, NIECE OF STONE, Steinzeug, Höhe 47 cm, 2021
Christiane Wilhelm, FLOATING LANDSCAPE, Steinzeug, Höhe 50 cm
The amphora is a carrier and case for the structures found in nature.
Christiane Wilhelm transfers the diverse structures in various techniques onto the vessels, in a focused, almost meditative process.
Very calm, almost introverted vessels are the result of her work, while others have the impression of being in dance-like motion or part of a flowing landscape due to their fluidly cut surfaces.
In this way, a remarkable series of amphorae has been created, which, despite their diversity, stand in a natural relationship to each other.