Aghaei , Sharareh
Brosche, Royal Blue. Mataerial:Lapis lazuli, Carrara marmor, Epoxyharz, Metalnetz.
Brosche. Persian Blue. Material: Persische Türkis, Epoxyharz, Metalnetz
Brosche. Medusa. Material: Serpantine, Epoxyharz, Metalnetz.
Gemstones are limited resources. The jewelry industry is the largest consumer of gemstones, and unsurprisingly, it selects the highest quality ones for its use. Stones with natural features such as inclusions are classed as unqualified or “rejects”.
All the stones I use in the pieces in this collection are made from these remnants. For this purpose, I use stones that I have collected from artists or the rejection piles of various gemstone workshops, recycle them, and give them another chance of showing their forgotten beauty.