Veers , Lilli
Lilli Veers | Halsschmuck | Silber, Papier, Harz, Farbpigmente | 2022
Lilli Veers | grafischer Halsschmuck | Silber, gefaltet | 2021
Lilli Veers | grafischer Ohrschmuck | Silber, synthetische Rubine, Emaille | 2022
My works arise from a continuous mesh and overlapping of elements. Gaps allow for transitions, and by omitting spaces, accentuate and connect them. The depiction of nature works for me through abstraction and scarcity. However, my design is made and thought of in a heterogeneous way: Thus, there is an overlapping of architectural and organic boundaries. Design elements are visible in relation to each other through a systematic structure. Through this objectivity I am able to invent my own spaces.