Tarmassi , Gabriel
Gabriel Tarmassi, Cabinet for a dreamer, Kirschholz und Valchromat, 2021
Gabriel Tarmassi, Gefäßobjekt aus der Serie "LIDS", Ahornholz und Stahl, 2021
Gabriel Tarmassi, Spine Brooch, Ahornholz, Messing und Draht, 2021
Gabriel Tarmassi is a wood designer who creates sculptural objects at the intersection of art, design and crafts. Gabriel's work is inspired by natural structures such as landscapes, dunes and waves. By means of the craftsman's interpretation of these forms, a dialogue with the material itself occurs. Through this engagement with the material's own language, Gabriel Tarmassi's works see themselves as an expression of an attitude that seeks to explore the relationship between humans and nature through a poetic narrative.