Mülbaier , Felicia
über den Beginn (Brosche, 2018-2022, versteinertes Holz und Gold, 2 x 12 x 0,2–1,2 cm)
eine Betrachtung (Anhänger, 2020-2022, Lapislazuli, Seide, Silber, 35,2 x 0,2–4,3 x 0,2–0,5 cm)
Winter (Anhänger, 2022, Rubin und Seide, 29 x 2,5 x 0,1–2 cm)
My works emerge from an intimacy; I very gently carry on a conversation with the material in which I linger and wander back and forth between the pieces. Everything arises in an empirical approach process in which I observe, put things away, and then rediscover.