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MK&G messe Application

How can I apply?
The application process is open via mkgmesse.de/en/ every year from 1–30 April.

How are the participants selected? 
The participants are selected by a jury of experts. After completion of the online application process and the jury meeting, the applicants will be informed by email. 

Can I apply if I have participated before? 
Yes, the application process is open to everyone (even if you have participated before).

Where can I find the general terms and conditions and DSGVO for the MK&G messe 2022?
The General Terms and Conditions and DSGVO for MK&G messe 2022 are available in the application area of the website and will be sent to you again with confirmation of participation.


Where will the MK&G messe take place?
In 2022, the MK&G messe will be situated in the exhibition rooms on the first floor of the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg. 

How spacious is my booth?
Each exhibitor will be allocated a booth. The dimensions and furniture details will be announced till the beginning of September.

Where can I stay in Hamburg? 
Since the MK&G is located near the main railway station, there are many hotels and short-term rental apartments in the area close to the museum.


When do I have to set up my booth and my items at the MK&G?
Booths at the MK&G messe are usually set up the week before the opening (dates tbc).

Where can I get my exhibitor pass?
Each exhibitor will receive a pass on arrival for the set-up day at the delivery entrance of the museum (located at the corner of Kurt-Schumacher-Allee / Brockesstraße).

Will there be anyone to help me set up?
The museum’s Technical Services Team and the Support Team will be on-site for the set-up.

Can I bring a person with me to help with set-up/dismantling?
One person per exhibitor may be registered as a set-up or dismantling helper at kontakt@mkgmesse.de

Where is the delivery entrance of the museum?
The museum's delivery entrance is located on the corner of Kurt-Schumacher-Allee / Brockesstraße (entrance with a loading ramp). 

Are there parking spots in front of the MK&G?
There are parking areas in front of the museum’s delivery entrance, but these are only for loading/unloading. Public parking is available around the main railway station and the public library buildings nearby. 

Is there a lift?
Yes, there is a goods lift for heavy objects and other small lifts in the MK&G.

Who is the main contact person? 
The contact person during the set-up and fair is Isabelle von Schilcher from the JBG (kontakt@mkgmesse.de).

Is there a storage room?
Please register for the storage until 11 November, as space is very limited. Registrations at kontakt@mkgmesse.de


When is the opening of the MK&G messe?
The opening of the MK&G messe 2022 will take place on the evening of Tuesday, 22 November 2022. 

When is the jury round of the MK&G messe?
The jury evaluation will take place on the day of the opening. The presence of the exhibitors during the jury evaluation is not required.

When will the award ceremony take place?
The award ceremony will take place during the opening night of the fair.

How do I get into the museum during the duration of the fair?
Exhibitors can enter the exhibition rooms via the main entrance. Please show your exhibitor pass in the entrance hall.

Where is a cloakroom available?
There is a cloakroom in the entrance hall for exhibitors. Please ask at the reception desk.

Does the JBG cover my travel expenses?
The JBG does not cover any travel expenses associated with the MK&G messe.

Is there protected WLAN access for exhibitors?
Yes, there will be protected WLAN access for all exhibitors. 

Where can I take my break at lunchtime?
Exhibitors should leave the exhibition rooms to eat and drink. The in-house restaurant (Destille) offers food and drinks. There are also many restaurants and snack bars near the museum and at the main railway station.

Will there be seating at the booth?
Yes, there will be seating at each booth.