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MK&G messe Application

How can I apply?
The application process is open via mkgmesse.de/en/ every year from 1–30 April.

How are the participants selected? 
The participants are selected by a jury of experts. After completion of the online application process and the jury meeting, the applicants will be informed by email. 

Can I apply if I have participated before? 
Yes, the application process is open to everyone (even if you have participated before).

Where can I find the general terms and conditions and DSGVO for the MK&G messe 2024?
The GTC and privacy policy for MK&G messe 2024 are available here and in the application area of the website.


When applying, you agreed to the GTC and DSGVO in the application process.

Where will the MK&G trade fair be held?
We are pleased to have a continuous exhibition area on the 1st floor of the MK&G and, for reasons of space, are including the corridor in the planning. Including the Young Talents, there will be around 50 stands at the MK&G messe 2024. 
In the immediate vicinity of the exhibition spaces, parallel to the fair (and beyond), there will be an exhibition by the textile artist Hanne Friis, whose presence reinforces the theme of arts and crafts at MK&G. 
Between the two exhibition areas, there is a lounge with a bar on the "bridge", which invites visitors to linger, meet and exchange during the fair. 

When do I have to be where? 
The exhibition installation will take place on the Monday before the fair. To make it fair for everyone, we will allocate the installation days firmly according to where you live and let you know this schedule now so that you can plan accordingly. The supporting programme for the MK&G fair will be made available to you separately. Here we would only like to point out events relevant to the opening time.

Fr., 22.11.24, Su., 24.11.24 and Mon., 25.11.24: Set-up 

Tue., 26.11.24, from 10.00 am (end to be defined): Press tour and tour of the jury for the award selection
from 6.00 pm > Opening of the MK&G messe and award ceremony

Wed., 27.11.24, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm: Opening hours MK&G messe
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm > Special opening time SHK Reception at the Museum

Thur., 28.11.24, 10.00 am - 9.00 pm: Opening hours MK&G messe

Fri., 29.11.24, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm: Opening hours MK&G messe

Sat., 30.11.24, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm: Opening hours MK&G messe

Sun., 1.12.24, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm: Opening hours MK&G messe, afterwards dismantling

What will the MK&G messe 2024 look like? 
The design studio chmara.rosinke has been commissioned for the look of the MK&G messe 2024 and will present the concept at the info-zoom (see below). All exhibitors will be informed individually by email about their stand and asked to confirm the allocation of furniture. We will contact you about this in late summer. A short note for groups: 1 stand = 1 stand fee = a normal stand size. Please refrain from individual requests in advance.
The operating company of MK&G messe offers exhibition stands and showcases. The structuring and positioning of the individual stands is at the discretion of the fair management and is determined on the basis of general demand and inventory. 

How spacious is my booth?
Each exhibitor will be allocated a booth. The dimensions and furniture details will be announced till the beginning of September.

Is there a possibility to share a booth?
We offer explicitly for "young positions" to share a booth at the MK&G messe. (Sharing booth fees, sharing the same space size as for individual presentations). 
This is to give newcomers the opportunity to participate at the MK&G messe. Please apply separately (2 uploads) and be sure to include your partner(s) in the application form. For artist groups (joint work) it is necessary to submit a joint application (1 upload) and tick this in the application process.

What kind of lighting does my booth have?
The fair management and the MK&G will provide a unified lighting concept for the fair. There will be ceiling spots in the exhibition rooms, which the museum’s Technical Services Team will adjust to the final location of all stands at the end of the installation days. There will be some lighting elements in the individual showcases and for some groups of objects, for example, pendant lights will be provided during set-up. You will be informed about lighting at the same time as the distribution of the furniture.

What are the costs?
The stand costs for an individual position or group amount to EUR 660 plus VAT and are to be paid upon receipt of the invoice before the start of the fair by 1 October 2024 at the latest. The groups will be provided with the same space size as the individual positions if the costs are the same.

What do I have to bring? 
In addition to the actual goods that the exhibitors bring, the stand and the furniture for a uniform look will be provided by MK&G. Please do not bring your own furniture. 
The stand provided can and should then be set up by you/you and prepared for the presentation. Please bring your own cleaning materials for the display cases. 
Please bring the surface on which you want to present your work for setting up the table/showcases (Paper, fabric, mirror, etc.). You will receive the dimensions of the showcases in the e-mail with the stand allocation.
You are not allowed to mount your own wall mountings; for any wall mountings, the fair management should be asked, and the MK&G Technical Services Team must then be consulted during the installation. 

Where can I stay in Hamburg? 
Since the MK&G is located near the main railway station, there are many hotels and short-term rental apartments in the area close to the museum.

How does the sales process work at the stand?
Please consider how payments should be made at your stand in advance of the fair. Every seller is responsible for handling these payments himself/herself. We recommend Paypal, personal/portable EC card machines as well as purchase on account (“Kauf auf Rechnung”) so that customers can take the goods directly even if they did not carry enough cash with them (Please also bring your own packaging material).


When do I have to set up my booth and my items at the MK&G?
Booths at the MK&G messe are usually set up at Fr., 22.11.24, So., 24.11.24 und Mo., 25.11.24.

Where can I get my exhibitor pass?
Each exhibitor will receive a pass on arrival for the set-up day at the delivery entrance of the museum (located at the corner of Kurt-Schumacher-Allee / Brockesstraße).

Will there be anyone to help me set up?
The museum’s Technical Services Team and the Support Team will be on-site for the set-up.

Can I bring a person with me to help with set-up/dismantling?
One person per exhibitor may be registered as a set-up or dismantling helper at kontakt@mkgmesse.de

Where is the delivery entrance of the museum?
The museum's delivery entrance is located on the corner of Kurt-Schumacher-Allee / Brockesstraße (entrance with a loading ramp). Each exhibitor will receive a pass on arrival for the set-up day at the delivery entrance of the museum.

Are there parking spots in front of the MK&G?
There are parking areas in front of the museum’s delivery entrance, but these are only for loading/unloading. Public parking is available around the main railway station and the public library buildings nearby. 

Is there a lift?
Yes, there is a goods lift for heavy objects and other small lifts in the MK&G.

Who is the main contact person? 
The contact person during the set-up and fair is Isabelle von Schilcher from the JBG (kontakt@mkgmesse.de). In urgent cases, please call +49(0)40/24 52 91 (Tues + Thurs 11am - 2pm).

When is the de-installtion happening?
In order to reduce the length of stay for many exhibitors, de-installation will take place directly after closing time on the last day of the fair: on 1 December from 6-8 pm. The building must be vacated at 8 pm. If you cannot remove your goods on Sunday, please let us know. We kindly ask you to begin de-installation of your goods only beginning at 6 pm.

Media / Press

How do I get advertising material?
Every exhibitor will receive flyers from MK&G in the run-up to the MK&G trade fair. We do not plan to send print products until the 4th quarter (printing in September). After that we will send you copies by post. 

What hashtags do I use for sharing social media posts?
We would be thrilled if you would communicate your participation in the MK&G fair on Social Media if you are active there. If you would like to announce your participation in the fair now, please feel free to use the fair’s key visual that was sent via email.
For Instagram or other Social Media channels, we recommend the following hashtags:


Where can I get more information?
We are happy to offer an online Info-Zoom video call in preparation for the MK&G fair to bundle all questions and your feedback. The date will be announced by email.