Eder-Eich , Elke
Rohrstapel Platin
Rohrstapel Gold
Rohrstapel Retrospektive
My enthusiasm for the ceramic material, to find out what is feasible, how, to explore boundaries, to try, does not diminish. My work is influenced by all kinds of impressions, preferences, memories and found objects of various materials, which are reproduced by plaster casting into models and used as applications. They are archived by place and year of discovery. Consistent in my work is the idea of creating a whole, a unity, from individual parts. There is a fund, a growing collection of "components", such as certain colours, the meadow, dots, stripes, appliqués, modelled, dented, crimped, gold, platinum, slip painting, fish, which are used some more often, some less often. I like to use contrasts, austerity - liveliness, nature - glitter, baroque - simple. In the working process, which can also be a playful experiment, a variety of ceramic techniques are used. Knowledge and experiment - success and failure included - result in a ceramic object, a kind of ceramic collage.