Hebach & Kloess , Jan & Sophie
drei Wiegemesser
fünfeckige Tombakschale
siebenflammiger Kerzenhalter
In their Hildesheim studio, Jan Hebach and Sophie Hebach-Kloess make metal objects for the kitchen, table and dining table with a dual focus on silverware and kitchen knives.
In their work, they strive to capture the spirit of the times and manifest it in an interpreted form. The aim is to create a sustainable form with a reference to the times. Their designs emphasise the interplay of functionality, choice of materials and surface finish.
Both graduate designers work in a reduced formal language with an intensive eye on the later use of the objects: Grasping and guiding with the hand, cutting, casting and moving are all part of their design and production process from the very beginning. It is important to them that a work is executed precisely and sensibly in terms of craftsmanship and that the form is coherent in itself, i.e. that every curve, every edge, every straight line serves to achieve the function and the intended expression. When functionality, durability of the material and aesthetics are combined, it is a successful piece.