Salinas , Constanza
Constanza Salinas, Title: “Seltsames Heimweh” 01, Materials: Jasper, Ixtle, stainless steel, Year: 2022
Constanza Salinas, No title, Material: Jasper, linen, thread, rice, Year: 2022
Constanza Salinas, Title: Series "Rings looking for a wearer", Materials: various stones: jasper, onix, aventurine, lapis lazuli, Year: 2022
Working with stone has made time an essential component of my creative process. When crafting each piece, I am intentional with the marks left by my tools, imbuing life into the material. Through my use of Ixtle, a natural fiber from my chilean country of origin, I am able to connect the stone and metal and pay homage to my cultural roots. As I work, I find myself transported to landscapes-reminders of places past-and a connection to a home that is ever-evolving. My art explores the complexities of identity and the search for meaningful connections to one's heritage.