Frechen , Natascha
Natascha Frechen | Whisper | Jaspis, Brennnesselfasern | 2023
Natascha Frechen | Nymphe | Achat-Jaspis-Mix, Silber, Leinen | 2023
Natascha Frechen | Lichtfänger | Jade | 2023
Natascha Frechen's works move in a tension between the archaic and the technical. A dialogue develops between the rough originality of the stone and the man-made artefact. Nevertheless, they leave room for interpretation and, in their fragmentary character, refer to being a fragment of something larger. With a formal language reminiscent of the origin of jewellery, skilfully worked out and paired with the contrariness of our time, the objects become a connecting element between materiality and immateriality.