Lechler , Annette
Lechler Annette _ andernorts - comme une onde, Schalenstruktur lo9 wandelbar
Lechler Annette _ andernorts - Schalenstruktur qg12 wandelbar, Position Arm
Lechler Annette _ andernorts - quadrifolia, Schalenstruktur qg8 wandelbar, Broschengröße
Influenced by the three-dimensionality of sculpture, Annette Lechler has been consciously dealing with the themes of movement and change in relation to the human body in the field of jewellery design since 1993. For a long time, one focus was on making movement gestures visible; currently, it is changeable structures with open definitions, where actors and context can influence design and application. Annette Lechler's pieces often seem simple and random, but their capacity for transformation is based on a subtle and complex concept.

On dealing with things
Based on the moving interplay of material, structure and action, I am fascinated by independent, self-evident structures with changeable starting positions and open definitions. In lively interaction, with the inclusion of situations and things in the environment, diversity and the possibilities of relationships can unfold: Actors become co-creators beyond the designer's specifications.
The photographs provide an insight into the latest developments in the field of tension between chain links - space - body.