Credits: Emma Cogné, Photo: Benoît Jacquemin

Emma Cogné

Emma Cogné is a French designer living in Brussels. After studying traditional embroidery, weaving, and dyeing techniques she continued her education at the Fine Arts School in Lyon. The study of patterns and screen printing allowed her to enrich her knowledge of textile materials. Afterwards she entered a master’s program in textile design at La Cambre in Brussels and received several awards and recognition for her project «Système T,» which brought a normally invisible material, an electrical plastic sheath, into the spotlight. In 2022, she joined the community of creators at Zaventem Ateliers to establish her own design studio.

Emma’s work finds its process in the revaluation and transformation of used materials and craft techniques. Uncovering the layers and structures of homes, she unveils distinct qualities of materials and fosters a bond with her built and everyday environment. Her work gives rise to collectible textile pieces and site-specific installations that echo what builds our intimacy needs. Guided by her desire to make, her recent projects and collaboration with Zerm Architecture Association focus on the urban and contextual challenges found on the sites where the works unfold. This hands-on approach lets her bridge craftsmanship, art, and architecture and it’s what drives her everyday research. 

Emma Cogné




Credits: Emma Cogné, Photo: Stanislas Huaux