Sho Ota, Foto: Yuta Sawamura

Sho Ota

The 'Surfaced' project aims to redefine the concept of furniture by approaching it from a sculptural perspective. In contrast to conventional furniture, which typically involves piecing together individual components, 'Surfaced' adopts a unique approach of first assembling the furniture as a whole and subsequently carving out intricate details. This process offers the advantage of utilizing the material for the final product, although it does require more time to complete. Nevertheless, the distinctiveness of each piece, since no two are alike, can also be regarded as an additional benefit.

My artistic practice lies at the intersection of industrial manufacturing and craftsmanship. I strive to explore the potential beyond what traditional industrial designers can achieve. While I previously worked as an industrial designer in Japan, my perspective has expanded since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven. 

My current focus is on art-design, allowing me to dedicate more time to experimentation and engage deeply with materials. Wood has been my primary material of choice, as I already possess experience in the field of wooden furniture.

Sho Ota

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Credit: Sho Ota