Murase , Hiroyuki
Hiroyuki Murase | Koboushi Shibori Cashmere Pullover | 100% Cashmere | 2023
Hiroyuki Murase | Boujime Shibori "Line" | 100% Cashmere | 2023
Hiroyuki Murase | Somewake Shibori, Various Loop Yarn Tweed Half Pea Coat | 67% Wool / 19% Polyamide /7% Acrylic / 5% Alpaca / 2% Silk | 2023
Hiroyuki Murase, a fifth-generation member of a shibori craft family, moved to Europe at the age of 20 to study art. In Europe, he recognised the value of this hometown craft and decided to continue the family business and use the traditional shibori craft in a different, modern context. Hiroyuki's family has a long tradition of shibori work, Hiroyuki has adopted the traditional techniques and used selected materials such as hand-woven cashmere.