The MK&G messe dates back more than 130 years, making it the oldest and most established forum for arts and crafts in Germany. Over the years, the concept behind the fair has been constantly adapted as the prevailing circumstances have changed. 2020 seemed like the right time to review and revise the fair’s contemporary and international standing, as well as its artistic and social relevance. 

As it has throughout its history, the fair continues to see itself as a platform for renowned international craftspeople; however, it is now more committed than ever before to attracting up-and-coming exhibitors from Germany and beyond and even more interested in crossover and cross-genre positions that are judged not so much on the basis of training and tradition as on the quality of the handmade works.

Since its foundation, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MK&G) has stood for internationally oriented interest in, and the promotion of, excellent design quality. Those same principles are the basis of the MK&G messe’s international orientation. Its mission is to be a central platform for contemporary craft in northern Europe.


Prof Tulga Beyerle, Director, MK&G, Hamburg
Thomas Geisler, Director, Museum of Decorative Arts of the Dresden State Art Collections
Dr Sebastian Giesen, Chairman of the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft, MK&G Freundeskreis Hamburg
Prof Axel Kufus, Professor for Design and Development, Faculty of Design, Berlin University of the Arts
Wolfgang Lösche, Head of the Department of Fairs and Exhibitions, Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria
Felicia Mülbaier, winner of the Justus Brinckmann Prize at the MK&G messe 2019 and freelance artist, Mannheim
Angelika Riley, Curator and Head of the Department of Fashion and Textiles (MK&G), Hamburg
Prof Angeli Sachs, Professor at Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich
Marlo Scheder-Bieschin, Vice Chairwoman of the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft, MK&G Freundeskreis, Hamburg
Dr Caroline Schröder, Curator and Head of the Department of Modern Art (MK&G), Hamburg
Prof Dorothea Wenzel, Dean of the Faculty of Design, Media and Information, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg

Design Ambassador 2021

As Design Ambassador of MK&G messe 2021, Křehký from Prague is presenting its philosophy of cross-fertilising cooperation between Czech and international designers and Czech craftspeople for the first time in Germany. Founded in 2010 by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek, the Křehký brand follows a strategy of commissioning limited-edition products in the porcelain, glass and wood industries in the context of traditional manufactories and contemporary design in order to sustainably develop the history of Czech production. 



The MK&G messe is both a forum for arts and crafts of the highest creative and artisanal quality and an experimental space for up-and-coming artistic talents. At the same time, the current value debate about ecology and new luxury, one-offs and mass-market products, production and working conditions is bringing new topicality to arts and crafts fairs. Inhabiting the territory between tradition and innovation, they provide a key forum for connecting with the cultural knowledge surrounding craft techniques, the properties of materials and sustainable processing methods.

The Justus Brinckmann Prize
As one of the oldest events of its kind in Germany, the MK&G messe is no stranger to engaging with contemporary developments and presents the Justus Brinckmann Prize for outstanding merit every year, together with prize money of €7,500.

Felicia Mülbaier, winner of the 2019 prize, photo: Lisa Villinger

The Justus Brinckmann Award for Young Talents
The Justus Brinckmann Award for Young Talents comes with prize money of €2,500.


Fair management:
Prof Tulga Beyerle
Director, MK&G

Project management / contact for fair enquiries:
Luisa Hilmer
+49(0)40 24 52 91
Justus Brinckmann Förder-GmbH

General contact data:
MK&G messe
Justus Brinckmann Förder-GmbH
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The MK&G messe is organised by the Justus Brinckmann Förder-GmbH in collaboration with the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg
Venue: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Steintorplatz, 20099 Hamburg
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