Ko , Nga Ching
Hong Kong SAR of China
NgaChingKO,A diamond is forever 01, Rock crystal, Smoky Quartz, 925 Silver, Epoxy, Plastic, Enamel Paint, 2021
NgaChingKO, Diamond Forever 02, Rock crystal, plastic, Enamel Paint, Epoxy, 925 Silver, 2021
NgaChing KO, Diamond, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quartz, Plastic, Epoxy, Enamel paint, Goldleaf, Stainless steel , Brooch, 2021
My works are expressing my observation and thoughts about the social world that we are in.
The collection “Inclusion - A Diamond is Forever” which is talking about empty speech. My works are showing the process of me making compromises, and the emotion of resistance, struggle or anger. Also, expressing the pressure and suppression that I encounter of being included in a group.
How to put a message in jewellery sensitively and how to tell a story by using different materials are essential in my work. My work can be seen as a political statement for the maker and the wearer.