Jäschke , Kirsten
Halsschmuck 2021, genäht, 110 x 1,3 cm,kleine, facettierte Glasperlen, Flussperlen, genäht
Halsschmuck, 2021, 86 x 1,3 cm,Blassviolette, facettierte Glasperlen, Zirkon, genäht
Halsschmuck, 2020, 110 x 1,3 cm, verschiedenfarbige, antike, kleine Glasperlen, genäht
For some years now, I have been making jewellery from tiny glass beads in a textile compound. My focus is on a linearity that seems natural. The graphic severity of the ribbons, tubes and ornaments is broken up by the flowing fall of the jewellery and takes on something soft, almost lascivious. The colour and texture of the materials give the jewellery an additional sensual charge.