Zey , Annette
Schale Valenz
Schale Gewölle
Schale No.39
The focus of my work is on the theme of the shell. The wall can be thick or thin, it can have openings or be closed. Earlier works dealt with these questions and observations.
For me it was interesting to find out that it is possible to open the wall of a bowl and thus make the inner and outer form visible. That is why the bowls are developed from modules. The individual elements form a structure that appears different on the inside of the bowl than on the outside. The structure seems loose, but the building blocks are firmly connected. Unchanging modules are used, which, when put together by twisting and turning, create an interesting linkage. The viewer is irritated by this system, but on closer inspection the system can be recognised and understood. New constellations of modules appear from all viewing angles. Perspectives and impressions are different and evoke new ways of seeing.
While working on a bowl, new questions arise that are answered by making a new bowl.