Wu , Pei
Only need some time, from the series Parent, Past Life, Teddy Bear, object, smoky quartz, iron
Hangman's Bond, from the series Parent, Past Life, Teddy Bear, necklace, quartz, silver
孝 Xiào (filial piety) from the series Parent, Past Life, Teddy Bear, brooch, smoky quartz, 14ct gold
The series “Parent, Past Life, Teddy Bear”:
It started from my personal story between my parents and me. I realised how deeply I was formed and affected by my mom especially. Later on, by collecting more stories from others, the research extended to the level of society. For instance, from the 19 century psychologists generally agreed that our early childhood is the most crucial period of time in which our personality has been built. However, for thousands of years in the part of the eastern culture, the reincarnation believes the fate between the children and their parents is very deep, the bond was created through many lives. The parent-child relationship has been discussed in different cultures for a long history. The struggle, the pressure makes us breathless, the fight between our inner strength and the outer force can be very intense. However, they are wrapped with love and care.
The selection of the material, the form, the wearability... are decided by a frozen moment of a movement. You can often see my work has two parts that affect each other. They are deformed with tension, squeezed by pressure, and yet the sense of gentleness and warmth is always present.