Storck , Anna
"Essenz II", Handstück/Ring, Bergkristall, 2020
"Geschichten II", Brosche, Milchopal-Tusche-AU 750, 2020
"Maske", Brosche, Milchopal-AU 750, 2020
"It doesn't matter - but it does!" Although jewellery in itself serves no vital purpose, it has been omnipresent since the dawn of history. This ambivalence is a recurring inspiration in Anna Storck's work. In her pieces, there are always connections: physical - metaphorical - emotional. Worn, they become part of the wearer's history and begin to write their own new stories and biographies with each interaction, trace and memory they create. A piece of jewellery leaving the workshop is like the first chapter of an unfinished book, continued through people, places and life as it unfolds.
In Anna's current pieces, she explores the theme of interpersonal relationships. How much of ourselves do we share with the other person? How much of us is really us? Do we write our biography, or do our stories write us? The pieces take up these questions and translate them into the haptic and physical. They entice us to consciously and unconsciously engage with ourselves and the other person.