Kang , Kiho
2021, Porzellan, Aufgebaut in Wulsttechnik
2021, Porzellan, Aufgebaut in Wulsttechnik, 57x55x55cm
2021, Porzellan, Aufgebaut in Wulsttechnik
I work in the bead technique. I prefer this technique because it gives me design variety and richness of expression, requires patience and slow, deliberate work, and gives the works a special surface quality.
Apart from the surface texture of the finished objects, which we can feel with our eyes or hands, clay is a unique material that engages the sense of touch. The viewer can see on the surface of my work the indented finger marks I left during the construction process. The peculiar surfaces give my works a haptic quality that would be lost in the casting process or even on the lathe. This optical or haptic surface effect of my fingerprints is not just a decorative purpose, but rather a trace of making, time, reflection and striving. In sculptural forming, the conscious meets the unconscious and expresses itself as the realisation of the personality in the work.