Stutz , Antje
After training as a goldsmith, I decided to study painting because I felt more freedom in art than in jewellery. For a few years I divided my work into jewellery and painting until I combined my skills in 2010. This was the beginning of the play between two- and three-dimensionality in my object-like jewellery. From lines that intersected, surfaces that folded into flat bodies emerged and now I have arrived at unwindings.
The starting point of my jewellery are drawings or paper models. Through all the transformation processes to the object, the drawing remains my most important companion. The colour came into my jewellery in the form of lacquers, ceramic coatings and plastics. Oxidised traces of work created in the process characterise the surface, which are heightened in their painterly power by the varnishes. The colour connects, enlivens and creates an exciting unity with the form. My works are the search for lightness and lively simplicity of object and statement.