Fuchs , Doerthe
Doerthe Fuchs, Anhänger Rose ( Durchmesser ca. 11 cm ) Au18ct, Marienglas, 2022
Doerthe Fuchs, Anhänger Rose, Au18ct, Marienglas ( 6-11 cm Durchmesser) 2022
Doerthe Fuchs, Rosendornen , Au18ct, 2022
The craft of goldsmithing has become my alphabet, through which I prefer to transform my thoughts, questions and observations into jewelry. I carry the themes, questions, and observations that occupy me more thoroughly into my studio, to work on them there through corresponding craft processes. Materials, working techniques, and the type of jewelry are then determined by the content. Usually larger groups of works are created, because the discoveries during the working process are again 'worked on' or oftentimes tempt me to create variations. I like to explore unknown materials and techniques. It is a free, playful working process in my studio, which is always guided by an inner image.