Fischer & Dott , Anne & David
Anne Fischer Gefäß | Skulptur David Dott Gefäß aus Bronze | Tänzer Material: Bronze | Bronze, Kupfer Jahr: 2020 | 2022
Anne Fischer Gefäßobjekt Silber 2022
Anne Fischer Vorlegegabeln Silber 2021
"There's no going back now. No clear demarcations. A vase is not a vase, a cup not a cup, a piece of cutlery not just a fork, knife, spoon. It is an experimental object, a space whose walls have begun to shake. How it will end, we don't yet know exactly ..."
This is how Ellen Maurer-Zillioli begins a text about the artist and silversmith Anne Fischer.

David Dott's works could not be more different at first glance. His small sculptures with their sometimes daring, sometimes majestic postures seem to come from a completely different genre.