Jamila Wallentin

In her textile work, Jamila Wallentin is dealing with the origin of forms, how they are created and how they change through the influence of forces, and how they grow. For her, there is hardly any difference between an artifact and an organism in terms of this reaction to forces. Her works are characterized by an intuitive and experimental relationship to the material. The repetition of simple gestures leads to a gradual release of consciousness. Therein lies a possibility of losing control and eliciting the unexpected. The works of the series " Silencieuses " (The Silence) made of cotton fabric are soft, silently touching the floor, bending in the hands of the viewer. The fabric is placed precisely edge to edge to build up vessels. Wavelike curved structures emerge from the densely joined layers of material. Torn weft threads loosen and tangle, contributing to further stimulation. 


Portrait Jamila Wallentin © Maxime Weller
Silencieuse, 2019, cotton fabric, steel pin.