Credit: Sophie Jungkvist, Photo: Daniela Ferro

Sophie Jungkvist

Sophie Jungkvist is a textile designer and weaver from Stockholm, living in Borås, the textile centre of Sweden. She is especially interested in exploring the limits of woven structures and bindnings.
Her weaving journey begun the Friends of Handicraft school in Stockholm, and during her subsequent BA and MA at the Swedish School of Textiles she learned how to combine her handweaving skills with digital tools and industrial machines.
What follows is an ongoing search into the weave structure as programmable, smart system of horizontals and verticals. She asks herself how weaving can be pushed as a construction technique. Her MA work Woven Change, Shifting Expressions has received recognition as a winning contribution of the Swedish design competition Ung Svensk Form and the German Design Councils award One&Twenty.

Sophie Jungkvist



Credit: Sophie Jungkvist, Photo: Zuzanna Wójcik