Goutos , Corrina
Corrina Goutos, Neogastropoda 1, 2 & 3, Shell, stainless steel, 2022
Corrina Goutos, Foul Play: 3 examples from the collection, aluminum, steel, cotton, plastic, 2018
Corrina Goutos, Polymorphic Appleoideans 1-8, Shell, stone, industrial materials, silver, steel, 2019
As a maker in the Anthropocene, Corrina has set out to master the properties of the post-consumer object as a craftswoman would a raw material. Expertly de and re-constructing goods, fusing them with natural objects and elevating them with skilled craftsmanship adapted from her background as a goldsmith. Goutos’ future artifacts tell a story of mankind from achievements to decadence and of nature’s ongoing and inevitable entanglement. Fluid in both her conceptualization and realization practices, Goutos’ work shifts between categorization as art, artifact, craft or design.