Reytan , Denise J.
Denise J. Reytan, »Elements of life«, Sterlingsilber, 2023
DeniseJ. Reytan, »Nanami«, Silber, Rosenquarz, Giessharz, Amethyst, Koralle, Amazonit, Türkis, Reconstruierte Koralle, Seil, etc., 2022
Denise J. Reytan, »Tompopo«, Material: Silber, Giessharz, Pigment, Koralle, reconstruierte Koralle, Rosenquarz, Seil. 2022
Denise Reytan is a Berlin-based jewellery designer and artist whose work explores contrasts between materials, values and personal content. Trained in Pforzheim and Düsseldorf, she questions the conventional concept of jewellery and is interested in the transformation from real to fake and vice versa. Reytan's jewellery making resembles material painting. She combines different materials such as silver and gemstones with her own cast plastic objects to create unique compositions that resemble a wearable painting.