Pibernat , Sonia
Spontaneous Movement_brooch.1
Spontaneous Movement_brooch.2
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Since 2018 I am interested in the human body movements as a base of art creation. I challenged myself exploring a new way of working, setting my own body movements in the centre of my research. The human body carries a lot of information from past experiences that we are not aware of. As an unconscious way, we deal with this information in our everyday movements and body movement exercises. As a consequence, if we connect with ourselves we can use this information for artistic proposes. Some authors like C. G. Jung argue that the creativity appears when the conscious and unconscious find the balance. My aim has been to find the way to materialized the movements that a body in motion draws in the space. I first worked in light photography. The lines from the moving bodies became the based of my work by which I can create my jewellery.
For this exhibition, I am presenting a body of delicate pieces that combines the elements of my research; the flowing lines that are the result of the exploration of dance and movement.